Hair Loss Cream Testimonials

— Mary McLean, Grand Forks
I started to use Himalaya herbal hairloss cream about two months ago. The reason was obvious - I was losing my hair and it was not normal as I was losing to much every day. And though I had been told that it is standard situation after pregnancy and that all women start losing their hair after the delivery I was not ready to accept this fact. I liked my hair too much to say goodbye without trying to save it. So I started looking for a solution and several first attempts were unlucky and my hair was still leaving me. But when I was almost in despair i came across this Himalaya herbal cream and it was a lucky day for me. the cream is really effective - after a week of using it I noticed that my hair was no longer going away that fast. And though I have already lost a lot, I am happy that I managed to stop the process. I think every pregnant woman should be informed about this product in order not to put up with the widespread mistake that she has to give away her hair for the baby. No, you can have both! And next time when I get pregnant I will know how to act - I'll start using this product not to stop hairloss but to prevent it!
— Ursula Gardner, Lethbridge
This spring we moved to a new district. I liked the change immensely - the surroundings were great, the people in the neighborhood were nice and everything was so positive. However every cloud has a silver lining. And the problem was not that obvious to discover. With time I noticed that my hair started to fall out. Little by little, but every day more and more. So soon I felt that I lost a lot of hair and the process was ongoing. I went to the doctor and we started looking for the reason. Together with it I was looking for a solution. The health screening showed that my hairloss was a consequence of allergy that I developed to tap water! That was a shock! I would never think about that. So we installed water filters and I never used unpurified tap water since that time. But as for hair loss I managed to stop it even before the real reason was found and it was Himalaya Herbal hair loss cream that helped me. I have heard many positive opinions about the quality of this brand and now I am another voice in favor.
— Deborah Swindle, Durango
When about two months ago I got into a bus crash, I had only minor injuries. Though many other passengers got more serious traumas. It was a big shock for me and soon after the crash I started losing my hair. My doctor explained me that that was a consequence of stress, my body reacted to what happened to me. He advised me to try out some meds to stop the loss and I started browsing the internet in search for an effective solution. I have tried several different shampoos and ointments before I found something really effective and that was Himalaya Herbal hair loss cream. This product is magnificent - it stopped my hair from falling out in less than a week. I have been using it for about three more weeks to maintain the effect and now I am no longer using it and my hair doesn't fall out. But in addition to that the cream stimulated the growth of new hair. So I believe that soon I will look just the way I did before the accident. As many other Himalaya Herbal products that I have tried this cream is wonderful for its purpose, a high quality product at a reasonable price. I do recommend it to those who need stop or prevent their hair from falling out.

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