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— Lilly McCenzy, MI
I can't live a day without coke and hamburgers. Fast food is my love and I can't do anything with it. I can't say that I'm obese but there is definitely some extra weight that I would easily cope up without. Nevertheless it is pretty difficult to lose weight when you lead a way of life like mine - long hours of sedentary work, no sport activity, not enough sleep. So some time ago I started looking for a medicine that will help me protect my health from bad cholesterol and obesity. I found Lasuna and I am very happy with it! The medication is easy to use and very effective.
— Oliver Lowsmith, Regina
My doctor recommended me Lasuna to protect my coronary arteries' walls from gradual cholesterol deposition as my level of cholesterol increased greatly. Recent tests showed that Lasuna des its job perfectly well, producing the effect I need - controlling my cholesterol level and making my arteries stronger. The medication is for people who are far from healthy lifestyle and can't change their diet too much.
— Harry B., Nixon
I have used Lasuna for over a year carefully following the prescription of my family doctor. The aim of the course was to decrease my cholesterol level and the drug was pretty successful in it. My cholesterol improved dramatically with the help of this wonderful herbal medication. I feel myself much better and much healthier now. In addition Lasuna is not expensive and produces no side effects. I am pleased with the results.
— Roberta Carlos, IL
I am a 39 year old female with cholesterol level on the border between normal and high. I have been on Lasuna for more than 3 months, haven't seen any side effects but noticed considerable improvements in my well-being and general health. My doctor says cholesterol has decreased and I hope it will continue to get lower. In general the medication is very effective and convenient to take.

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