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— Alexander Chow, Toronto
Pruflox helped me a lot in treatment of my chronic bronchitis. To control my disease I asked my doctor for a medication to help prevent attacks. He prescribed Pruflox. I took it morning and night for 3 months and no I can see no signs of my bronchitis. I am very lucky that I came across this medication. I can breathe deeply with no difficulty the cough is killing me no more. I really believe that people with chronic bronchitis need to try out this wonderful antibiotic, of course only after a consultation with the doctor. For me Pruflox means higher quality of life and better health with no complications and problems.
— Barbara Marlow, Phoenix
I had severe bronchitis with wheezing and unproductive coughing. Was prescribed Pruflox for one week after finishing a round of other medication. I felt dizzy and weakened for half a day but then it subsided and started to work. I went back for check-up with doctor who said after a series of tests that my condition improved greatly, there was no more wheezing. I think this antibiotic is very effective and unlike many other drugs I have tried before it causes absolutely no side effects, at least in my case. I also would like to thank the people who produce it for the exceptionally high quality of their product!
— Florence T., Huntington
I got an UTI last month, as usually nothing pleasant, just nervousness, itching, swelling, pain and all the symptoms you might have in this case. Was prescribed a three day dose of this medication as I was breastfeeding a baby and my doctor said Pruflox was a safe drug. I am now on day three of the treatment and the pain from the UTI has almost disappeared. Haven't noticed any side effects and my breastfeeding wasn't influenced by this antibiotic, as I can see. The drug is very gentle in comparison to other meds I was prescribed for UTI treatment before. Some of them made the symptoms sharper, next to unbearable, others caused side effects. Pruflox works well and brings no problems.
— Melissa Rendell, New York
Pruflox is the antibiotic I always take when I get the first signs of urinary tract infection. It eliminates the symptoms in 1-2 days, always highly effective, safe and trouble-free. The first two or three times when I got UTI, my doctor prescribed me with this med, then I understood it suits me perfectly well and now I order it from this online shop without hesitating. The quality of medications (I also buy here other pharmaceutical products) is very high here and delivery is very fast.

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